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Carling makes the leap from the VIC-20 to the Commodore 64 in SUPER style!

Years after his last diamond pinching escapade, Carling is back once again, this time at the behest of the Diamond Girls, brand ambassadors of the Forever Group (the largest diamond trading conglomerate in the world), who have been framed with the mysterious disappearance of the Rockford Collection - a set of diamonds worth $1 TRILLION dollars. In reality, the diamonds have been lost in the Forever Group's haywire vault network due to a technical fault. Carling has beaten Forever Group's security system - namely the menacing BALLS OF STEEL - in the past, but the new vaults have been upgraded with new tricks and traps, and the BALLS OF STEEL MARK 2 are faster and deadlier than ever! Can Carling prevail, and clear the names of the Diamond Girls? Only with your help!

- More levels! 26 larger diamond vaults to clear in the BLUE, RED and YELLOW skills!
- Double the balls! Be prepared to track and dodge up to 4 BALLS OF STEEL at the same time!
- New perspective! Oblique graphics style adds some depth!
- SID Soundtrack! Your choice of all new music or classic sound effects in game!
- Save your progress! PASSWORDS every 7 levels let you pick up where you left off!
- High score table! Can you beat the built in HIGH SCORES?
- Endings! Unique progressive ending sequences for each skill you beat!
- Secrets to be found! Read between the lines and find the hidden passwords!

- Tape version in TAP format (PAL and NTSC versions)
- Disk version in D64 format (Combined PAL and NTSC version)
- Individual program files in PRG format (Game, Instructions and Credits)
- All music files in SID format (PAL and NTSC versions where applicable)
- Printable instruction sheet for tape and disk versions

This is not a retro-styled PC game. This is a real game for the Commodore 64/128, distributed digitally for use with Commodore 64 emulators, or for copying to real media (e.g. floppy disk) for use on real Commodore 64 compatible hardware.

You can play this game on any computer system/device with a Commodore 64 emulator installed. Performance may be subject to your device's specification and your chosen emulator's accuracy. It is recommended that you install and test a Commodore 64 emulator before downloading this game, to make sure you will be able to play it.

For Windows systems, the recommended emulator is WinVICE, available for free from here.

VICE is also available for Mac OS X and Linux.

If you own a Commodore 64/128 and have means to transfer the digital files to disk or tape, you can play the game on your real C64 system. If you have such means, you are likely an experienced C64 user and do not need an explanation of how to do this. If you are a C64 owner and want to play the game on your real machine, but do not have facilities to copy the digital files to a disk, tape or modern C64 storage device, then consider buying a real disk or tape from Psytronik through the Binary Zone Retro Store.

This game was produced in partnership with Psytronik Software, modern publishers of software for retro systems. You can buy real, fully packaged tape and disk versions for your Commodore 64/128 directly from the Binary Zone Interactive Retro Store!

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